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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
       Special thanks to Tooting Cleaning and the carpet cleaners who transformed the state of my carpet.    
G. Cena27/04/2018

       I found it difficult to find a reliable cleaner for my home and then I called Tooting Cleaner at the suggestion of a friend. They gave me a really low price that I couldn't say no to. I'm glad I didn't either because when I get home to a spick and span house, it makes it so much easier to relax in my free time.     
Sharon Petersen 14/07/2015

       I have a huge house and being a working woman, it becomes very difficult for me to keep everything spick and span all the time. Carpets are always the most delicate to handle especially since I have luxurious carpets that cost a lot. Tooting Cleaner offered me excellent cleaning services and also ensured that the carpets were presentable and met hygiene standards. They have dedicated in-house personnel for carpet cleaning who remarkably transformed my carpets. Now my carpets look brand new!    
Jessica A.08/05/2015

       Tooting-Cleaners get my highest recommendations. I wanted help with my rug cleaning and they gave it to me. Their staff were helpful over the phone, giving me useful information. Their free quotes ensured I got the right support and a great price. Their cleaning staff were polite and helpful. They worked hard and used the best detergents. The results I received were incredible, as my rugs are cleaner than ever. I rate them five out of five easily and recommend them to others.    
Kevin T.18/12/2014

       Why aren't more cleaning companies like Tooting-Cleaners! The main problem I have with cleaning companies is that sometimes the people they send around have differing levels of competance, sometimes doing a good job and sometimes not... But I have to give it to you, your cleaners are well worth the price. I've already told my other friend who hires cleaners as well that he needs to give yourselves a call. Because basically, if the place isn't clean on opening, you can't open. You not only help with my business, but are a jolly lot to work with. And you're welcome around my pub anytime! Many thanks!    
Luke J.23/10/2014

       Our apartment was looking really bad once we had moved the last of our stuff out to our new home. The place was a mess and we did not have the time to do anything about it - yet we had to get it done! Tooting-Cleaners came to our rescue and got the place looking pristine within hours and at a price that did not break the bank. The cleaning team were so swift and effective I could barely understand how they got the job done so well so quickly. Great work and I would use them again no doubt!    
Patty T.09/10/2014

       I demand only the best for my family, so I hired a cleaning company that promised only the best! When my daughter expressed an interest in a cleaning service, I had to recommend Tooting-Cleaners! I've used them in the past, and every part of their service was strong! They're dependable, well mannered and just good guys and gals in general. They did a fantastic job with my house, and they provided the same courtesy to my daughter too! I don't know what I'd do without them! It feels great to have such a great company to rely on when you need them!    
B. Oliver29/08/2014

       Hopefully everyone out there will understand that I am deadly serious when I say that Tooting-Cleaners are the best in the business! You cannot even imagine how amazed I was by the cleaning that they did on a recent job at my house, and it was so good that I will definitely be using them again! I hope in a big way that I will be able to have them round each week, as the results for the price were incredible, many thanks to all involved!    
Kathleen Alexander31/07/2014

       When my husband became ill, I had a lot to juggle at once. We have three children to look after and now I have to stay at home full time to care for my husband too. I realised I needed help when I found myself needing to take two naps a day so I found the number of Tooting-Cleaners that my cousin gave me a while back and gave them a call to see if they could help out with the cleaning aspect of my life. The house has never been tidier and I feel so much better. It didn't cost me and arm and a leg either!    
Isabella E.16/07/2014

       I had heard about a few other student houses hiring a cleaner so I thought that I would ring around a few different places and find out how much it would set us back. I was pleasantly surprised when Tooting-Cleaners offered me a free quote for a weekly cleaning visit so as a flat we went for it. Well we were the envy of all of our friends and our cleaner did a fantastic job of looking after our flat I really don't know how we would have coped! For the price, I would recommend a flat cleaner to any student houses as it solves all of your problems and makes moving out cleaning much easier too!    
Tom Arnold30/06/2014

       I had just got a new boyfriend and I couldn't wait to bring him back to my place. When I did though I instantly regret it. I had been to his flat once or twice and it was immaculate, but my house was a right tip. Not wanting to feel embarrassed, I quickly called up Tooting-Cleaners. Their team took care of all my cleaning for me and they ensured that I could keep on top of things from then on. I now feel happy bringing anyone to my house and know that Tooting-Cleaners are there if I ever need them again.    
Rosie Sutherland20/06/2014

       I am not the sort who will be picky with a cleaner; if the job is done, it is done, and that is all I really need from anything in all honesty. That said, the cleaning service that I get form Tooting-Cleaners is excellent, and I really hope that I will be able to encourage others to use them through this recommendation. You never know what you are going to get until you meet the team, and this lot were a stand up bunch, who got the place looking completely perfect in no time at all. Great value, lovely people, fantastic!    
Douglas Y.14/05/2014

       I never was any good at cleaning, and I have found that the best way to get me to do the washing up was top put the football on the telly right next to it. You can probably understand why I ended up living by myself after size years of marriage! I now use Tooting-Cleaners as they get the job done much better, and much more quickly than I ever could, which makes a real difference in the way I do things in general. I recommend them highly, as they have transformed my life in many positive ways.    
Ken Kelly29/04/2014

       I absolutely love having my house professional cleaned and I wish I'd hired a professional cleaner years ago now! My friend suggested I try Tooting-Cleaners when I was looking for a carpet cleaner, and now I have a regular domestic cleaner to make my home look sparkling and spotless! I found the services to be very professional and very purse-friendly as well, and after the great job my carpet cleaner did I couldn't wait to see the results that a domestic cleaner could produce. I wasn't disappointed as the quick and efficient service left my home looking fabulous - I have absolutely no complaints and I'd recommend this service to anyone!    

       I wanted to come online and say how impressed I was with the service I recently received from Tooting-Cleaners. They really went the extra mile when it came to getting my house ready for an event I was hosting. I needed everything cleaned, and I mean everything. They came in and performed a really efficient and really excellent service which laid a tremendous foundation for the entire evening. After the event, we had many compliments on the cleanliness of the home, and I am ashamed to say I took the plaudits. So, here, I admit that it was actually the experts.    
Victor Henderson19/03/2014

       I could rave about Tooting-Cleaners and the way their cleaners have helped me forever! I hired a professional cleaner from this company in the hope that my home could get a decent and regular clean without me having to put in any effort. Not only does my cleaner turn my home into a sparkling palace of cleanliness every two weeks, but she's friendly, efficient and I have lots more spare time to do whatever takes my fancy! This is a very affordable and friendly service, and I've found everything that I was looking for and more! Thanks for everything!    

       I had a really great experience with my cleaner from Tooting-Cleaners. I only wanted help with a one-off clean but after the fantastic level of service and the really high standard of cleaning I got with this company I'm definitely going to be calling them again! My house looked amazing after she'd finished and it took almost no time at all. I'd never be able to get my home looking that clean in a million years, so I just wanted to say thank you for the help and I'll definitely be seeing you again in the near future!    
Charlotte S.21/01/2014

       Having never used a cleaner before, I decided it may be nice to get one in for my new place, as I'm working a new job and really don't have the free time that I used to. Tooting-Cleaners have worked for a friend before, so I was fairly confident that they would be good for my needs, and I was not wrong! I'd happily recommend them to anyone who needs a decent regular cleaner for a great price every time! I will be using the team every other week from now on, as they were so good!    
Marissa Howell21/11/2013

       Getting a cleaner in helps me no end! I always find that I neglect the house work as I just don't really have it in my mind at the moment, so Having a regular cleaner helps me keep the place looking great all the time. I have always used Tooting-Cleaners and see no reason to stop, as they deliver a great service for a great price over and over again. What more could you want than a discreet and professional service from people who are easy to get on with and who are great at what they do? Not a lot...    
H. Jonkers11/11/2013